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How's your Pitch?

Pitching can feel like is such a laborious exercise sometimes. From knowing the right things to say so you can get your point and story across, to just trying to dazzle your audience (even an audience of one) in some way, figuring out what to do and when to do it, can be an art... and so it is!

We've been pitching for some years now and in the last couple of years, we have learnt to master the art of our pitch. This doesn't mean we always win, but when we enter the room, the room knows what we are about. And when we get a call to do something special, it's because someone somewhere saw us pitch - no jokes. We now want to share this accumulated knowledge with you, the one who's still trying to figure it out. We want to help you win, especially if it means getting your story which might otherwise be over-looked into the right light. If you are a talented storyteller and are eager to learn and grow in your communication skill and your writing craft, this is for you! 

Your Instructor
Yolanda K. Mogatusi

Yolanda got her first TV show, a year after film school through winning a pitch. Since then she has pitched in more boardrooms, in pan African competitions, on international stages and even over Zoom...and won. Her latest pitch wins include Winning the Cape International Animation Film Festival's Road to Annecy pitch 2022 competition and the M:brane Sweden Best pitch Award 2023. Yolanda is also a Global Media Maker Fellow, a Focus Features Africa First alumni and  TEF award recipient.


Scenes from our last Bootcamp...

Ready to perfect that Pitch?

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