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Produced by Fireworx Media and 1000 Hugs Films

Genre: Comedy

26 x 24 minutes

​Askies centers around an Afrikaans divorced women who has taken her chances teaching Zulu in a pawnshop. Frida is a 40 year-old upright women who inherits an old pawnshop from her divorce and then from the little Zulu that she remembers from her farm upbringing, decides to turn the pawnshop into an evening night school to make some extra money. In the beginning, everyone is impressed with the Afrikaans lady who can speak a bit of Zulu, but after a while, the ball drops and Frida can only fool her students, for so long. She tries to cover her tracks by improving her own Zulu with various textbooks and language cd’s (out of sight from the students of course and especially Persistence, her bossy maid) and every time a student mentions something remotely interesting, so begins her lesson plan...

channel 6

channel 6

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